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Hotel Ibo Alfaro - La Gomera - Spain
Ibo Alfaro (Hermigua/La Gomera)

Hotel Ibo Alfaro ( Hermigua / La Gomera )

Barrio Ibo Alfaro 38820 Hermigua /La Gomera (Canary Islands|Spain)



This country house was inaugurated as a little rural hotel in 1996, fallowing additions and renovations. After over a century in a half remains, its new physique is faithful to traditional and noble architectural style. The well-decorated interiors were designed by Ina Stromberg, the hotel manager that bestows friendly service and her love for the island. The old mansion stands to the top of a hill that dominates the Hermigua Valley to the north of La Gomera. A careful garden invites peace in the solarium, enhanced by the balsamic action of showers. Terraces in the yard with its cactuses and palm trees overlook the rough and inflexible landscape, which is seductive for European tourism of strolls and silence. The same panoramic views can be enjoyed in the intimacy of the bedrooms, which while limited in their equipment have achieved an ambiance of pleasant repose. A soft and warm color palatte help alleviate the exposed stone and brick walls, which enclose quality furniture of aged woods. That only leaves the winds that disperse in the marine mist, where the Teide appears intact over the Atlantic.



Double room: 15, Triple rooms: 1, Suites: 1;
todas con hair dryer




Open year round.


Ina Stomberg


Indicative Prices

Double room

80 €

Hotel suite

98 €


Credit cards: MC


VAT (5%) not included


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Ibo Alfaro

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