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Hotel La Casueña - Huesca - Spain

Hotel La Casueña ( Sallent de Gállego / Huesca )

Lugar Troniecho (Lanuza) 11 22640 Sallent de Gállego /Huesca (Aragon|Spain)

Ski Resort:
Tel. Alternative:


Behind this coarse stone façade, characteristic of a mountain refuge of the Tena Valley constructed with stone, wood and slate, hides an inn that is unique in the tradition of the peaks of Panticosa and Formigal Mountains. Hotel La Casueña inhabits the history of Lanuza, a village in the Pyranese of Aragon, from its nine Justices of Aragon, to its inundation caused by the nearby reservoir. Enriched by the past and the artistic flair of the decorator Vicente García Planas, this hotel surpasses all expectations. The ironwork on the arched entrance and stairway, as well as the frescos in the common areas and garret rooms are creations of his inspiration and hard work. The rest of the ornamentation debates between an escape to modernity and a latching on of the past. There are geometric and polychromatic panels are offset by allegories to Romanic art and miniatures from the museum of religious art in Huesca. A little something for everyone, yes sir. There is more consensus to be found in the bedrooms however; with a total of ten rooms, each one dedicated to a book and author: The War of the End of the World by Mario Vargas Llosa: Yellow Rain by Julio Llamazares; Inventory by Mario Benedetti.... Atop the bedside table is a book for which the room was named after. What details. The dinning room is just as special, it’s an intimacy space with frescos on the ceiling and illuminated by lanterns, perfect for a romantic evening beside the warmth of the minimalist fireplace, while outside the windows the snow falls.



Double room: 6, Special double room: 4;
todas con heating, king-size beds, flat screen TV, Canal Plus TV, DVD player, work desk, non-smoking bedrooms, bathrobe, hair dryer


ski lockers, conference rooms with capacity for 10persons , living room


Café bar, Restaurant


Open year round.


Marián Pérez


Indicative Prices

Single room

70-75 €

Double room

90-120 €

Special double room

100-135 €

Junior Suite

115-150 €


Incluido €


Credit cards: DC, EC, MC, V, 6000


VAT (8%) not included


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