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Hotel Hostal de la Gavina - Girona - Spain

Hotel Hostal de la Gavina ( Sant Pol / Girona )

Plaza de la Rosaleda s/n 17248 Sant Pol /Girona (Catalonia|Spain)



Actress Martine Carol, prince Divani or architect Sert, just to name a few, have stayed in this classic hotel on the ‘Costa Brava’ with more than 70 years of history. But the list doesn’t end there…. Liz Taylor, Peter Sellers, Jhon Wayne, Sean Connery, Camilo José Cela, Robert de Niro, Julio Iglesias, Octavio Paz, Mike Olfield, , Severo Ochoa, Luciano Benetton, Bryan Adams, Josep Pla and Xavier Cugat have also stayed a night or two. Its attractive location just in front of Sant Pol beach and the refined and alluring interiors are some of the reasons why it still forms a part of the leading Hotels of World. In spite of its 1950 renovation by architect Francisco Folguera, the bedrooms, decorated with XVII and XVIII century furniture, paintings and Flemish tapestries remind us of older days. Never the less, the rooms are completely equipped.



Individual room: 3, Double room: 16, Special double room: 38, Junior Suite: 3, Suites: 14;
todas con heating, air-conditioning, flat screen TV, safe, paying mini bar, bathrobe, hair dryer, feminine cosmetics


garage, garden, outdoor pool, heated pool, tennis, WIFI zone, conference rooms with capacity for 350persons , Spa, airport shuttle


Restaurant, Terrace

Smoking allowed

+ non-smoking bedrooms




Manuel Olivares


Indicative Prices

Single room

215-325 €

Double room

215-325 €

Special double room

265-380 €

Hotel suite

490-2700 €

Junior Suite

330-540 €


32 €

Half board

113 €


Credit cards: AE, DC, EC, MC, V


Taxes included


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Hostal de la Gavina

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Obsequio de bienvenida: frutos secos y Jerez
Flores en la habitación

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