Interactive windows help reprogram your body clock

Turn night into day and day in to night, or a bright morning into a grey one, all without leaving your hotel room? The guests of the not so far away future still wont travel in jet-packs but they will count on technological innovations like the one Philips has all ready unveiled: Interactive windows capable of creating personalized ambiance, fake sunrises and even reduce jet-lag.

All it takes is a hand gesture and the Daylight windows change the intensity or the color of the light that comes into the room, or even let the light slightly filter through a digital foliage.

The windows presented by Philips let you create an atmosphere adequate for any situation, modify the rooms view if it isnt to your liking, or even program an artificial sunrise at any time of the day, a smooth lighting transition that simulates the real thing, including personalized environmental sounds.

The function that has generated the most interest has to do with jet-lag, the Philips system could neutralize its effects with artificial blue and white lights that relax and help shorten the adjustment period to the new time zone. The benefits that light therapy that Philips offers is based on a study by investigators at the Chicago Northwestern University, that discovered a light receptor in the human retina that can modify the behavior of our biological or body clock as well as a persons mood. To experiment with this new technique in the privacy of your hotel room, you still have to wait about ten years. Till then well have to make do with opening and closing the curtains.

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